sublime 2/3 enter/start vim mode

点击菜单栏【Preferences】——【Settings - Defaults】


"ignored_packages": ["Vintage"]


"ignored_packages": []

默认打开为插入模式(inserted mode)

如果希望打开默认是命令模式(command mode),点击菜单栏【Preferences】——【Settings - User】,加入:

"vintage_start_in_command_mode": true



d (delete), y (copy), c (change), gu (lower case), gU (upper case), g~ (swap case), g? (rot13), < (unindent), and > (indent).

l, h, j, k, W, w, e, E, b, B, alt+w (move by sub-words), alt+W (move backwards by sub-words), $, ^, %, 0, G, gg, f, F, t, T, ^f, ^b, H, M, and L.

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