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Interview preparation

Common questions

  1. tell me about yourself

  2. what’s your greatest strength

  3. what’s your greatest weakness

  4. why should we hire you

  5. why do you want to work here

  6. tell me about a time you showed your leadship

  7. tell me about a time you were successful on a team

  8. what should your co-workers say about you

  9. why do you want to leave your current position

  10. describe your most challenging project

  11. tell me about something you’ve accomplished that your are proud of

  12. can you explain your employment gap

  13. what are your salary expectations

  14. what do you like to do outside of work

  15. tell me about a time you had to manage conflicting priorities

  16. where do you see yourself in 5 years

  17. describe your leadership style

  18. tell me about a time you failed for made a mistake

  19. tell me about a time you disgreed with someone

  20. tell me about a time you created a gole and achieved it

  21. tell me about you surpassed people’s expectations

  22. tell me about a time you had to learn something quickly

  23. do you have any questions for me?

Technical field

  1. why do you want to work for our company

  2. what kind of tech team dynamic do you excel in

  3. let’s say there are two kinds of tech workers: the innovators and the executors. Which of these catagories do you fit to

  4. how do you measure success for yourself technically

  5. why do you think that technical teams need to be inclusive and represent a variety of backgrounds

  6. when you join a new technical initiative, what is the first thing you do

  7. if you had to pick between owning the entire process for one product versus contributing to multiple products at once, how would you decide

  8. if you were stuck in solving a techinical problem, how would you ask for help

  9. how would you explain concepts like polymorphism and inheritance to a computer science student

  10. how would you explain a web service infrastructure to a technical audience with a software background but limited system-level knowledge

  11. what would you do if asked to take on a problem where you did not have the technical skills

  12. tell me about the most challenging technical problem you have solved

  13. explain how you would design a ridesharing app

  14. explain how you’d design Twitter and the system tradeoffs involved

  15. give me an example of how you’d secure data so that it cannot be misused or inappropriately accessed

  16. tell me about a time you disagreed with a fellow engineer and how that issue was resolved

  17. tell me about a time when insights about the industry or customers impacted your technical execution

  18. tell me about a time you had to push back on an unreasonable request from an executive or customer

  19. what do you think an ideal product enginnering relationship should look like

  20. how would you drive alignment among senior leadership to help accelerate decisions

  21. how do you measure success in an engineering project

  22. what is the mix of technical and management qualities you look for in engineering leaders and managers


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