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An overview of Kubernetes components


Component nameControl plane, worker node, or client
Kube-apiserverControl plane (master node)
EtcdControl plane (master node)
Kube-schedulerControl plane (master node)
Kube-controller-managerControl plane (master node)
KubeletWorker node
Kube-proxyWorker node
Container EngineWorker node

Control panel

  • API server
  • etcd database
  • kube-scheduler
  • kube-controller-manager
  • cloud-controller-manager

Worker node components

  • kubelet
  • kube-proxy
  • Container runtime (Docker/CRI-O/containerd)

Interacting with the API server

  • CLI: kubectl
  • API


  • Kubernetes – An Enterprise Guide (Marc Boorshtein)