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Most frequently used plugin in Jenkins

Active Choices Plug-in
Ant Plugin
Build Blocker Plugin
Build Name Setter Plugin
Conditional BuildStep
Credentials Plugin
CVS Plug-in
description setter plugin
Environment Injector Plugin
External Monitor Job Type Plugin
Git Changelog
Git client plugin
Git Parameter Plug-In
Git plugin
GIT server Plugin
Git Tag Message Plugin
Gitlab Hook Plugin
Javadoc Plugin
Job Configuration History Plugin
jQuery plugin
JUnit Plugin
LDAP Plugin
Mailer Plugin
Matrix Authorization Strategy Plugin
Matrix Project Plugin
Maven Integration plugin
Node and Label parameter plugin
OWASP Markup Formatter Plugin
PAM Authentication plugin
Parameterized Remote Trigger Plugin
Parameterized Trigger plugin
Post-Build Script Plug-in
Publish Over SSH
Purge Job History Plugin
Run Condition Plugin
S3 package parameter plugin
SCM API Plugin
Script Security Plugin
SSH Credentials Plugin
SSH plugin
SSH Slaves plugin
SSH2 Easy Plugin
Subversion Plug-in
Token Macro Plugin
Translation Assistance plugin
user build vars plugin
Windows Slaves Plugin


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